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July 2024
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4D Fat Freezing/ Cryolipolysis

An alternative to Liposuction, Cryolipolysis also known as Fat Freezing, is a non-invasive fat removal procedure. It involves the freezing of selected unwanted subcutaneous fat cells to -7 to -10, causing apoptosis (break down) of the fat cells, without harming the surrounding tissues or the skin. The body then naturally removes these fat cells from the body through the lymphatic system. Results from Cryolipolysis may start becoming apparent after four weeks; however, optimal results are seen three months post-treatment.

Treatment Summary

Procedure time : 30 mins

Full Recovery : Immediate

Results : 3 - 12 weeks

No. of Treatments : 3

Sensitivity Period: 2-3 days

The 4D LipoSculpt Technology

At Dermacore, we are proud to bring the latest 4D LipoSculpt technology for our clients contouring needs. Below are some reasons why 4D Liposculpt is different from old Cryolipolysis devices available on the market.

  • The treating area is 100% frozen (360° cooling), instead of 40% in old devices.
  • Innovative all-dimension surrounding cooling applicators maintains more stable cooling temperatures while enhancing treatments results and decreasing application time.
  • Only 35 to 45 mins time each treatment needed instead of 60 mins.

What this means is that with 4D LipoSculpt you get more for your money’s worth.

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Before & After

Benefits of Fat Freezing / Cryolipolysis

• Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical
• Up to 40% Permanent fat reduction
• No downtime
• Long lasting results
• Cost effective alternative to Liposuction

Ways to maximise results

As elimination of liquified dead fat cells is dependent upon efficient lymphatic drainage (waste removal system of the body), one can aid this process in the following ways to achieve optimum results:
✔ Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
✔ Healthy eating.
✔ Exercise - This is essential to stimulate the lymphatic system.
✔ Lymphatic massage.
✔ Vibration plates - (usually found at your local gym).


Number of AreasPrice

Video of Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing procedure

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    What happens on the day?

    The first part of the treatment begins with client consultation. During this consultation, client requirements and client suitability (based on medical history and lifestyle) for treatment are assessed. If considered suitable for the treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form which explains the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure. You are free to ask any questions and settle your concerns during this time.

    To begin the procedure, two cooling gel pads are applied to the targeted areas of fat. These areas of fat are drawn upwards between the two panels using vacuum suction. During this time, you may feel some tugging /pulling or pressure sensations. Once the cooling applicator is applied the temperature in the applicator drops, causing numbness in the targeted area. The area is cooled for approximately 30 minutes per area (two applicators can be applied at the same time). Towards the end of the treatment, the vacuum turns off, and the applicator is removed. The area treated is massaged to dislodge dead fat cells and promote blood flow into the area.

    Aftercare advise is given by the practitioner at the end of the appointment to achieve optimum results.

    What results can be expected from Cryolipolyisis?

    Overall there is a reduction in the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer, which can be between 20% – 40% of the fat in the targeted area, per treatment.

    Are the results permanent?

    Yes absolutely, Cryolipolyisis is a permanent solution to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. The fat cells are destroyed and eventually removed by our body’s natural processes.

    Is it Safe?

    The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this procedure as safe and states “Cryolipolysis is effective in the reduction of fat”. Our Cryolipolysis treatment device bears the CE certification mark, which means that it conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

    How long does the procedure take?

    We schedule appointments of 45 min for Cryolipolysis treatment. This includes 10 min initial consultation, 30 minute of procedure time and 5 minutes of aftercare advice.

    Is there a recovery time?

    Cryolipolysis is an entirely a non- invasive procedure so there is hardly any recovery time associated with it. The client can return to their routine on the same day. However, some individuals may experience temporary redness, bruising, or soreness after the procedure, this is temporary and usually subsides in no more than 7 – 10 days.

    Which area can be treated?

    Arms, Abdominal, Flanks, Waist, Back Bra Fat, Hips (love handles), Inner Thighs, Outer Thigh, Banana rolls, Back Fat, Breast Fat Tissue (Man Boobs).

    What are the potential risks and complications?

    As Cryolipolysis is a non- surgical, non-invasive procedure, there aren’t many side effects or risk of infection associated with it.

    Depending on the sensitivity, some clients may experience some temporary discomfort in the treated area such as redness, soreness, numbness, tingling or swelling. This is mainly due to how the treatment area is drawn up between the two cooling gel pads during treatment. These side effects are temporary and will dissipate in a few days.

    Do you offer aftercare advice and follow up appointments?

    We at Dermacore Clinics believe that aftercare is an essential element of the treatment. All relevant aftercare advice is provided via the practitioner/s, and in addition, we also offer free follow up appointments and phone support for all our treatments. Aftercare advice must be followed to achieve optimum results.


    Cryolipolysis is a suitable alternative to liposuction, and most people are suitable candidates for Cryolipolysis; however, it is not an alternative for weight loss for morbidly obese individuals. Therefore, you should be in general good health and have realistic expectations of the results.

    Contraindications include: cold-induced conditions such as cryoglobulinemia, cold urticaria, and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. It is advised that fat freezing treatments should not be performed in treatment areas with severe varicose veins, dermatitis, or other cutaneous lesions.

    Does it help with cellulite or loose skin?

    Cryolipolysis only works by destroying fat cells; therefore, it has little or no effect on loose skin or cellulite. We recommend Radiofrequency skin tightening or Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments to overcome these issues.

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