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October 2021
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Cherry Angiomas (Blood spots)

What are Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry Angioma, Campbell de Morgan or blood spots are meant to be
the most common of skin blemishes.

They are a cluster of dilated capillaries that are located on the skins
surface. They are harmless benign lesions that can be found on the body
with varying shapes, sizes and degrees of redness.

They vary from red, blue, purple and black. They can be flat or
raised and located on the trunk most commonly. This condition can be
treated as they are not contagious.

What causes Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are caused by various conditions caused by the permanent dilation of superficial blood vessels. They generally appear due to the proliferation of the epithelial cells and occur as part of the natural ageing process usually from the age of 40.

What treatments are available for Cherry Angimoas?

At Dermacore Clinic, we offer highly effective and non-invasive treatments for Cherry Angiomas. Book a free consultation to discuss your concern with our credible and experienced practitioners.

We recommend the following treatments for Cherry Angiomas (Blood Spots):

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