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October 2021
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Skin Tags

What are Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are soft flesh colour growths on the skin. They can vary in size
and shape and are painless non cancerous growths.  They are located on the neck, trunk and face, however, can affect most parts of the body. They are made of loose fibrous tissue, which protrudes out from the skin, and can be brown or beige in colour.

Skin tags generally are painless unless if rubbed.  It is advisable to get them removed as they can grow bigger and multiply due to being linked to papilloma (human) virus.

What causes Skin tags?

Skin Tags are caused from friction in most cases, predisposition and age.

What treatments are available for Skin Tags?

At Dermacore, we offer treatments to remove skin tags treatments that are highly effective.  Book a free consultation to discuss your skin concerns with our skin specialist and develop a plan for a clearer, radiant and youthful skin.

We recommend the following treatments for Skin tags:

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