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May 2022
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Lipo Dissolve Injectibles

Fat dissolve or Lipo dissolve injections are non-surgical procedure used to target submental fat beneath the chin, also referred to as “double chin”. If this fullness beneath your chin affects your confidence, you are not alone. According to a consumer survey conducted in 2015 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 67% of people said that the excess fat (submental fullness associated with submental fat) beneath their chin and neck bothered them.

Areas Lipo Dissolve Injectables can improve

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time: 30-60 mins

Full Recovery: Immediate

Results: 4-5 weeks

No. of Treatments : 1-3 sessions

Sensitivity: 1-2 weeks

What is a Lipo Dissolve Injectable?

The key ingredient of these injectables is called Deoxycholic acid, usually naturally found in human bile, which plays a vital role in emulsification and digestion of fat in the intestine.

Following injection of the Deoxycholic acid, the adipocyte (fat cell) cell wall is destroyed, resulting in cascade of inflammatory necrosis or cell death. Inflammatory response also causes increased fibroblast migration and stimulation, resulting in skin tightening due to build-up of collagen.  Therefore, no incisions are required, and the downtime is minimal in most cases.

An ideal candidate is an adult 18 years or older with moderate fat beneath the chin. We must be able to pinch 1.5cm of fat in the target area to deem you suitable for the procedure.

On average we recommend 1-3 treatment, depending on the amount of fat available. The treatment itself can take anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. A topical numbing anaesthetic such as lidocaine 5% may be used sometimes to reduce sensitivity.

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    Do I have to do anything before my treatment?

    Before any treatment at Dermacore, a free client consultation takes place. During this consultation, client requirements and client suitability (based on medical history and lifestyle) for treatment are assessed. Based on these findings, a personalised treatment plan is created to help deliver the results as per client expectations.  During the consultation it is important to perform a skin patch test to check suitability and sensitivity of the skin.

    How quickly will I see results?

    You will see a visible improvement in the treated after 4 weeks

    How many treatments do I need?

    We recommend 1-3 treatment depending on amount of fat available. Duration between treatments is 4 weeks.

    Is it painful?

    The needle we use is very fine. Most clients describe the procedure a little uncomfortable but not painful. You can take Paracetamol tablet before the treatment to improve sensitivity but avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. Topical anaesthetic can to used improve client experience.

    What is the recovery time?

    Once the local anaesthetic wears off the treated area may feel quite tender. The treated area will swell up initially, however you should expect this swelling to double in size within the first 24-48 hrs. The swelling will subside over the course of 7-14 days. Remember – SWELLING IS A GOOD OUTCOME! The more the area swells the higher the chance of success.

    There is chance area will look red and feel warm after wards, this may persist for a couple of days.

    You may also develop some bruising in the treated area, however this goes away in a few days.

    Are there any side effects?

    The main side effect is swelling, and there can be a chance of infection if you don’t following the aftercare advise.

    What aftercare advice do you offer?

    • Do not exercise or induce sweat for at least 24 hours.
    • Do not use exfoliating scrubs for 3-5 days after treatment.
    • Begin a gentle skincare routine. Avoid Alcohol, glycolic, retinol and active topic skincare products for up to 48 hours post treatment.  Avoid applying prescription retinoid products for three to seven days after treatment.
    • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water to help your lymphatic system to drain the dead fat cells.
    • Stay sun safe, use SPF 30+ (highly recommended)
    • Do not pick, rub or scratch skin, this can cause irritation.
    • Avoid the use of makeup for at least 24 hours post-treatment.
    • Avoid hot bath, hot showers, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and any other activity such as exercise for at least a day or two.
    • Gently massage the area everyday for optimum results.

    Can you use it in combination with other treatments to enhance results?

    To achieve optimum results combine the treatment with HIFU.

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